New Year's Eve dinner

Thursday, 19:30 31 Dec, 2015 Campitello di Fassa, Hotel Rododendro
New Year's Eve dinner

Innovative or traditional, new year's Eve is perhaps the ultimate Banquet, a joyous celebration of food and joy awaiting the arrival of the new year.

Unavoidable presence of some dishes that have assumed a symbolic significance and superstitious, tied to the wealth and prosperity, such as lentils  "brings money", accompanied by knuckle or sausage.
Alongside the traditional foods we propose a dream menu, concluded with the desserts, panettone and sparkling wine.

We look forward to a new year full of good food and hospitality, a bit like feeling at home but free from any constraint and relaxing.

Dinner can also be booked for the guests which do not stay in our hotel.
Call for information and details of the menu.